Past Artist Exhibitions at Lycoming Arts Gallery

Molly McHenry

April 2024 - Molly McHenry

View Molly's Work

Simon Ward and Leslie James

March 2024 - Leslie James & Simon Ward

View Leslie's & Simon's Work

Marjory Hafer - Karen Elias

February 2024 - Marjory Hafer and Karen Elias

View Marjory's and Karen's Work

Brian Druckenmiller

January 2024 - Brian Druckenmiller

View Brian's Work

Cee Berninger

December 2023 - Cee Berninger

View Cee's Work

Elizabeth England

November 2023 - Beth DeJesus England

View Beth's Work

Emily Flake

October 2023 - Emily Flake

View Emily's Work

Kenneth Cobb

August 2023 - Kenneth Cobb

View Kenneth's Work

Marcellus (Uriah) Hammond

July 2023 - Marcellus Hammond

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Lorena Beniquez

May 2023 - Lorena Beniquez

View Lorena's Work


March 2023 - Stacy Kelley

View Stacy's Work

Simon Ward

February 2023 - Simon Ward

View Simon's Work

Deb Mezick

November 2022 - Deb Mezick

View Deb's Work

Lynn Kibbe

October 2022 - Lynn Kibbe

View Lynn's Work

Joanne Landis

August 2022 - Joanne Landis

View Joanne's Work

Leslie James

2022 - Leslie James

View Leslie's Work

Geoffrey Haun

July 2021 - Geoffrey Haun

View Geoffrey's Work